Student Dispute Resolution Center

Student Dispute Resolution Center

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The Center

The Student Dispute Resolution Center (Center) provides University of the Rockies students, prospective applicants, alumni, former students and others with concerns about something relating to the student experience with an opportunity to swiftly and fairly resolve any confusion, frustration, or issue. Individuals with a dispute will meet with one of the Center's trained dispute resolution professionals who will review the situation and guide the student to the process that is most appropriate for the nature of the concern.

The Center offers students opportunities to partner in resolving their concerns through the informal facilitation or mediation processes. For other types of concerns, the University might conduct a formal investigation of the concerns. Whether you need assistance with an informal complaint or formal grievance, the Center team will help you resolve your concerns and/or de-escalate a conflict you might be encountering during your student experience.

For more information on the various dispute resolution processes available, please contact us at 866.621.0124, ext. 30015 or You may also complete a Student Dispute Resolution Submission Form. Our fax number is 877.817.6733.

Units within the Center:

  • Office of Student Facilitation & Mediation
  • Office of Student Grievance Resolution

Hours of Operations

The Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM Mountain time to 6:00 PM Mountain time. The Center is closed on University and national holidays and on the weekends.

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