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Continuing Education

Lifelong Learning with University of the Rockies

To remain at the top of your profession, it's important to always take advantage of opportunities to further your learning in your field. You can count on University of the Rockies to regularly offer continuing educational opportunities.

Discover various continuing educational opportunities available including seminars, workshops, presentations, conferences, and certification programs.

Continuing Education Credit with the American Psychological Association

University of the Rockies has been approved to offer CE credit through the American Psychological Association (APA). Not all continuing education programs offered by University of the Rockies are offered for APA CE credit. All programs offered to CE credit through the APA are reviewed by University of the Rockies' continuing education committee and must meet APA' s criteria for CE programs.

University of the Rockies is only responsible for the quality and content of workshops which are presented or officially sponsored by University of the Rockies, which includes any workshops, seminars, or presentations for which University of the Rockies provides continuing education credit. University of the Rockies does offer a free bulletin board service to assist other organizations in promoting their continuing educational opportunities. However, the sponsoring organization and presenter(s) are fully responsible for the content of these workshops. University of the Rockies does reserve the right to refuse to advertise any continuing education opportunities submitted to be noted on our bulletin board.

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