Organizational Leadership Certificate

Organizational Leadership Certificate


Certification Requirements (15 credits)

ORG 5520 - Social Psychology
This course is an overview of the theories of social psychology. It helps the student explore how other people affect the feelings, thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors of an individual. Constructs of social psychology, such as social influence, social thinking, and attitude formation are examined in reference to social/psychological research.

ORG 6503 - Organizational Theories & Systems
This course explores the theories of human organizations and how they function and the factors which influence the structure, design, operation, and performance of individuals in complex organizations. The emphasis is on integrating theory and concepts from the behavioral and social sciences as a basis for understanding human behavior within organizations.

ORG 6515 - Social Capital (Networking in Organizations)
The concept of social capital is used to describe the resources available to individuals through their membership in community networks. This course explores the history and definitions of social capital, the approaches to measuring social capital, and an in-depth analysis of how systems can be designed to prevent the erosion and encourage the development of social capital.

ORG 6506 - Leading Organizational Change
This course focuses on the principles and techniques associated with leading organizations through the change process. Included is a discussion of why organizations need to change in the current business and organizational environment. In addition, a process model of how best to bring about change serves as the core schema for the class sessions. To complement the "macro" or organizational approach to creating change, we also examine a "micro" viewpoint, addressing how to encourage individuals to change. Along these lines, we spend some time exploring the parallels between the organizational change process and how this discipline might inform how we change ourselves, and perhaps individuals. Finally, we draw some connections between the function of change and the role of leadership.

ORG 6525 - International Leadership
This course provides the foundation for students to think and act across cultures. The course examines different cultural concepts of work as evidenced in a variety of worksites throughout the world. Particular attention is given to developing and sustaining successful trans-cultural workforces and globally dispersed teams.

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