Attendance Policy

Students taking classes in an accelerated format are expected to attend each week. Attendance is defined as participating in an academic activity within the online classroom, which includes posting in a graded discussion forum, or submitting a written assignment. Postings not related to graded discussion forums or written assignments not related to the actual assignment may be reviewed and disqualified for attendance purposes.

Students who do not attend at least once in any seven consecutive day period will be issued an attendance warning. Students who do not attend at least once in any 14 consecutive day period will be dropped from the course and administratively withdrawn from the University retroactive to the last date of recorded attendance. Students who attend on the first day following 14 consecutive days of non-attendance will not be dropped from their course or administratively withdrawn.

Students who enroll in courses containing an in-residence requirement and fail to attend 90% or greater of the instructional time during the in-residence session will be administratively dropped and required to repeat the course.

Please refer to drop policies for grade implications when not meeting attendance requirements. Students who drop a course or are dropped for not meeting attendance requirements and do not attend class within 14 days of their last date of attendance will be administratively withdrawn from the University. The University may schedule breaks during which no courses are scheduled. When this occurs, such as during the annual winter break, the non-enrollment period may extend the 14 day limit to include the break.

Note: New students who do not meet attendance requirements for the first week of their first course will be withdrawn from the course and must work with their Admissions Counselor to reschedule their enrollment in the program.

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