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Graduate Student Association

University of the Rockies is no longer accepting applications for its Colorado Springs location. All programs previously offered in Colorado Springs will be offered in Denver, with projected start dates in August 2014. This transition will not affect online programs. Please call Denver Admissions at 303.446.5867 for more information.

Campus students participate in the life and direction of University of the Rockies through membership in the University of the Rockies Graduate Student Association (GSA). The mission of the GSA is to serve as an advocate for the needs of our graduate students at University of the Rockies. The GSA serves to promote, advance, and support intellectual discovery, scholarly achievement and lifelong learning for our next generation of leaders. This organization has established Standing Rules to govern administrative and procedural matters. To contact the Graduate Association Committee, send an email to

Students are nominated and elected to the GSA through this election process.

For more information about the GSA, please contact the Office of Student Affairs at

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