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This program is not intended to lead to certification or licensure.

Discover what causes good health. Foster healthy organizations and workplace environments that thrive.

This specialization provides you with the cutting-edge research to advance the overall physical and psychological health of individuals within an organization. Utilize your skills to enhance employees' nutrition, exercise, and work-life balance. Go beyond prevention and treatment to encourage thriving in all aspects of life. With advanced online courses in how to diagnose, develop, and evaluate wellness models, you will deepen your expertise at proactively transforming organizations and promoting healthy employee behavior.

Your PsyD program delves deeper than curriculum for the Master of Arts in Psychology, Health and Wellness Psychology Specialization. This program includes a more extensive research component and broader applications through coursework. The Doctor of Psychology further enriches your research through the process of proposing, writing, and defending a dissertation.

To complete the requirements of this specialization, you must attend in-residence weekends in Denver (Friday midday to Sunday midday - dates TBD) for courses ORG 7272, ORG 7101, ORG 8340. Please refer to these Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about this in-residence requirement.

Licensure Information

The Doctor of Psychology, Health and Wellness Psychology Specialization is not a licensure program and does not prepare an individual to become a licensed psychologist. University of the Rockies does not represent that this program meets certification or licensure requirements in any state. It is the student’s responsibility to review any state certification or licensure requirements in his or her intended field of employment.

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