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This program is not intended to lead to certification or licensure.*

Aim higher with your Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Specialization.

This advanced curriculum provides you with the skills to design and evaluate various curriculum and assessment models. Learn to apply research using innovative curriculum design and a variety of assessments methodologies to improve instruction. This specialization offers advanced theory and practice in research methodology and the application of curriculum mapping, instructional assessment, and collaborative curriculum development.

Complete advanced courses online or in downtown Denver. Your curriculum features weekend in-residence workshops and a strong research component. You will reach the pinnacle of achievement when you research, write, and defend your dissertation.

Graduation Requirements

To fulfill the requirements for the PhD in Education, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Specialization, you must successfully:

  • Complete program coursework of 62 credits*
  • Earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00
  • Complete three non-credit In-residence Workshops**
  • Complete dissertation requirements***

* Students entering the program with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in education, early childhood education, educational leadership, teaching, or a related field are required to take 59 total program credits in order to meet graduation requirements.

** For the PhD in Education, you are required to attend three in-residence weekend workshops in Denver, CO. Please refer to these Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about this in-residence workshop requirement.

*** Students can refer to these Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about dissertation.

Licensure Information

*An education degree from University of the Rockies was not intended to nor does it lead to immediate teacher licensure in any state. If you want to become a classroom teacher, contact your state’s education authorities prior to enrolling at University of the Rockies to determine what state-specific requirements you must complete before obtaining your teacher’s license.

University of the Rockies graduates will be subject to additional requirements on a state-by-state basis that will include one or more of the following: student teaching or practicum experience, additional coursework, additional testing, or, if the state requires a specific type of degree to seek alternative certification, earning an additional degree.

None of University of the Rockies’ online education programs are CAEP, TEAC or NCATE accredited, which is a requirement for certification in some states.

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