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Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services

Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Development and Leadership

Doctor of Psychology

Doctor of Psychology, Clinical Specialization

Graduate Certificates

Master of Arts in Counseling

Master of Arts in Education

Master of Arts in Human Development

Master of Arts in Human Services

Master of Arts in International Leadership

Master of Arts in Organizational Development and Leadership

Master of Arts in Psychology

Master of Arts in Public Sociology

Graduate Certificates


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Gain a foundation of strategic knowledge and practical skills to enhance your career while earning valuable graduate level credits when you complete a certificate program from University of the Rockies. Completing a certificate program will help you:

  • signify your commitment to a profession;
  • prepare for advancement in your current career or prepare for a career change;
  • stand out among your peers;
  • gain exposure to dynamic fields of psychology;
  • stay current on industry standards through coursework; and
  • apply what you’ve learned in your current profession.

Additionally, depending on your current position and education level, upon successful completion of the program you may be eligible for:

  • transfer credits to a future degree program;
  • teaching position;
  • increased job responsibilities.

Military-Friendly Programs

If you're currently in the military, earning a certificate is a great choice. You've already proven that you have discipline and determination within your branch of service, so apply those qualities to a certificate program that can help you advance your career, increase your rank, or enhance your resume. You will also be able to use military tuition assistance.

Certificate Program Details

  • 15 credits total (5 courses, 6 weeks each);
  • Take courses online or at the Denver Instructional Site;
  • Financing options: military tuition assistance, and employer reimbursement, and private loans. Certificates are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Certificates available in:

  • Business Psychology
  • Criminology and Justice Studies
  • General Psychology
  • Organizational Leadership

When you pursue a certificate program from University of the Rockies, you will learn to integrate applications of psychology with elements of business and leadership and acquire a unique background to enhance your employment and career options.

To learn more, call us today at 866.621.0124 or submit a request for more information.

Please note: Certificate programs may not be available to residents of every state.

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