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Colorado Students

University of the Rockies is no longer accepting applications for its Colorado Springs location. All programs previously offered in Colorado Springs will be offered in Denver, with projected start dates in August 2014. This transition will not affect online programs. Please call Denver Admissions at 303.446.5867 for more information.

Thanks for being a student at University of the Rockies. You are making a valuable commitment toward your future.

You can expect to receive all the support you need to help complete your courses. Use this page as a home base to access information, forms, and more to make sure you succeed in your degree program.

Academic Year Calendars

View your 2014-2015 calendar, including exam and graduation dates.

Course Support — Academic Advising

Seek advisement on program requirement, progress toward or eligibility for graduation from the Registrar's Office. You can find support services through the Director of Student Affairs.

Contact your faculty mentor for advisement on academic matters or difficulties. Your faculty mentor will be your main contact during your coursework years.

In your dissertation and internship year, you will have a faculty member who serves as your dissertation chair.

You also have direct access to Student Affairs, the Deans of each school, the Vice Provost, the Vice President/Campus Director, and the President, thanks to their open door policies.

Research and Writing Resources

For assistance with your research, visit the Library's web page, which is accessible via your online classroom or the student portal. This page provides access to all of the University's electronic resources. In addition, you will find tutorials that will help you through your coursework. Learn to search library databases, understand plagiarism, evaluate Internet sources, and more. You can also visit the Rockies Writing Center, which provides a host of academic writing resources including information on APA style.

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