Business Psychology Certificate

Business Psychology Certificate


Certification Requirements (15 credits):

ORG 6503 - Organizational Theories & Systems
This course explores the theories of human organizations and how they function and the factors which influence the structure, design, operation, and performance of individuals in complex organizations. The emphasis is on integrating theory and concepts from the behavioral and social sciences as a basis for understanding human behavior within organizations.

ORG 6505 - Diagnosing Organizations
This course explores qualitative and quantitative research methods and data analysis that leaders and consultants use in organizations with particular attention to interview and observation. An understanding of organizational structure and organizational life-cycle development is provided. The course also examines how leaders in organizations can mediate high performance and learning through project team development, communication, collaboration, and individual and group conversation-based assessment.

ORG 6506 - Leading Organizational Change
This course focuses on the principles and techniques associated with leading organizations through the change process. Included is a discussion of why organizations need to change in the current business and organizational environment. In addition, a process model of how best to bring about change serves as the core schema for the class sessions. To complement the "macro" or organizational approach to creating change, we also examine a "micro" viewpoint, addressing how to encourage individuals to change. Along these lines, we spend some time exploring the parallels between the organizational change process and how this discipline might inform how we change ourselves, and perhaps individuals. Finally, we draw some connections between the function of change and the role of leadership.

ORG 6600 - Principles of Human Resource Management
This course explores the key roles of the human resources discipline and professionals in organizations. Topics include recruitment, selection, training, development, diversity, compensation, benefits, employment law, and employee relations. The course also explores human resources from the perspectives of preventing legal actions against an organization and leveraging human resources as a competitive advantage.

ORG 5525 - Psychology of Marketing & Purchasing Behavior
This course explores the social psychology of purchasing behavior and marketing efforts to influence that behavior among consumers and business decision makers. Topics include market research, mass marketing, branding, packaging, pricing, labeling, and product fads.

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