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International Diversity Grant

Diversity and University of the Rockies

One of the Core Values of a University of the Rockies’ education is diversity. Believing that diversity creates an enriched learning environment for all students, University of the Rockies supports and fosters international student diversity in the classroom. In support of continuing our diversity initiative, we offer an international student diversity grant to admissible international students who qualify.

International Diversity Grant

Tuition and Fees
International students who qualify for the University of the Rockies’ International Diversity Grant may be eligible to receive a tuition credit of every third (3rd) class free, and a waiver for the Technology Services Fee, based on continuous enrollment. Dissertation courses are not covered.

Admission and Eligibility Criteria
Applicants must be a non-U.S. resident and non-U.S. citizen, in good financial standing with the University, to apply. International students interested in applying for the International Diversity Grant will have to complete the following steps:

1. Submit an application for admission to University of the Rockies and enroll in an online program*;
2. Submit application for International Diversity Grant;
3. Submit an official evaluation from an approved credentialing agency of all international coursework and/or academic credentials used to determine admissibility to the university and the desired academic program**. Below are two approved sources for such evaluations:

World Education Services (W.E.S.)

Educational Credential Evaluators (E.C.E.)

4.Submit test scores for the Test of English as a Foreign Language demonstrating English proficiency, if applicable.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (T.O.E.F.L.)

All materials must be on file with the University in order for eligibility to be determined. It is recommended that once an applicant has requested their official evaluation and TOEFL (if applicable) be sent to the University, that they submit their completed application. This will allow the University to make a determination as to eligibility and award in an expedient timeframe.

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*Master of Arts in Counseling program is not eligible for the International Diversity Grant.
**Official transcripts from a United States institution, with regional or approved national accreditation, granting a post-secondary degree may be submitted instead.

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