Denver Attendance Policy

While courses meet on defined days during the week, as scheduled, each instructional week begins on a Tuesday and concludes on the following Monday. Students are expected to attend all class sessions in which they are scheduled. If a student has a compelling reason to be absent from a class, he or she must discuss that absence in advance with the instructor. Students may not miss the first class session in a course unless they have prior written permission from the instructor teaching the course. Students are responsible for arranging to obtain class materials and assignments for the class time they miss. Faculty members will keep accurate records of student attendance and report attendance to the Registrar’s Office at the end of each class session.

Students may not attend classes for which they are not officially enrolled. If students who are not listed on the class roster attend a class, the instructor will refer them to the Registrar’s Office for proper enrollment. Whether or not to allow the student to remain in the class for that session is left to the discretion of the course instructor.

Students who do not attend at least once in any seven consecutive day period will be issued an attendance warning. Students who do not attend at least once in any 14 consecutive day period will be dropped from the course and administratively withdrawn from the University retroactive to the last date of recorded attendance. Students who attend on the first day following 14 consecutive days of non-attendance will not be dropped from their course or administratively withdrawn.

Please refer to the Course Drop policy for grade implications when not meeting attendance requirements. Students who drop a course or are dropped for not meeting attendance requirements and do not attend within 14 days of their last date of attendance will be administratively withdrawn from the University. A student’s last date of attendance following successful completion of a course is the end date of that course. The University may schedule breaks during which no courses are scheduled. When this occurs, such as during the annual winter break, the non-enrollment period may extend the 14 day limit to include the break.

For information regarding the determination of withdrawal date, please see the Withdrawal from the University policy in the Academic Catalog.

Dissertation: Dissertation courses for students enrolled at the Denver Instructional Site are supplemented by an online classroom environment where students are expected to actively participate. The standard attendance policy for online delivery format courses applies.

Inclement Weather/School Closures: In the event of a school closure, class session(s) will be made up within one week. The instructor will work with students and the Registrar’s Office to determine the date and time of the rescheduled class session.

Online Courses: Students who register for an online course are required to meet the attendance requirements outlined in the Online Course Attendance Policy in the Academic Catalog.

Academic Participation

In addition to meeting attendance requirements, students attending Denver Instructional Site courses are expected to participate in their courses by actively engaging in weekly discussions completing the required assignments for each week. Failure to meet academic participation requirements may negatively impact an assignment and/or course grade.

Students who anticipate being absent for an entire week of a course should contact the instructor in advance and make arrangements to complete the required assignments. Acceptance of late work is at the discretion of the instructor and does not waive attendance requirements.

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