Mission and Values

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Mission and Values

Mission Statement

University of the Rockies provides high-quality, accessible learning opportunities globally for diverse groups of individuals seeking preparation for life goals, professional practice, service, and distinguished leadership.

Core Values

The University's Core Values are Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Diversity. Administrators, staff, faculty members, Board Members, and students must strive to embody these Core Values in all their activities and dealings with individuals both inside and outside the Rockies community.

Integrity means University of the Rockies will model, both in attitude and in behavior, a strong sense of "doing the right thing for the right reason."

Service means University of the Rockies will work to meet the learning demands of the individual student through a quality program and a supportive learning environment.

Excellence means University of the Rockies will deliver its programs in such a manner as to ensure academic rigor and relevance.

Diversity means University of the Rockies encourages students of all cultures and experiences to seek higher learning opportunities and learn from one another.

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