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Learning Systems

Better Systems=Stronger Learning at University of the Rockies

In 2012, the Department of Assessment and Academic Quality developed and applied a collaborative systems strategy to leverage the wide range of information systems, internal processes, and tools implemented over time within our institution. We call it our “convergence” strategy. These systems, processes, and tools include:

  • Canvas Learning Management System
  • Digital Measures – Faculty Development/Accreditation
  • Tableau – Data Visualization
  • Quality Matters – Quality Assurance, Curriculum Support
  • CampusVue – Student Lifecycle
  • University of the Rockies Website – Student Resources
  • Ed Map – Online Bookstore
  • Constellation – Digital Resources
  • Waypoint Outcomes – Integrated Rubrics, Holistic, and Analytic Assessment
  • Taskstream – Assessment Management System

Faculty, staff, and students have access to some of the most powerful educational technologies.

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