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Assessment = Learning at University of the Rockies

Assessment is the systematic collection of information about student learning using the time, knowledge, expertise, and resources available, in order to inform decisions that affect student learning” (Walvoord, 2010, p.2).

Assessment serves as a window into student learning. Through this window to educational improvement, we can measure the success of our students throughout their academic careers. Assessment is not a single activity; instead it is a process of continuous improvement to select and analyze meaningful data throughout the institution that supports our commitment to high-quality learning and to academic excellence. We consider assessment of student achievement, learning, and satisfaction fundamental for the University of the Rockies to accomplish its mission.

Our concept of student achievement is evident through student grades and other summative methods; whereas learning is a continuous and lifelong process.

The overlap between student learning, achievement, and satisfaction are specifically addressed in the following table, and represent University of the Rockies' efforts to date.

Managing a comprehensive assessment process takes a team of committed individuals dedicated to scholarship. At University of the Rockies, we have a faculty-driven, student-centered process for continuous improvement. We believe in using assessment to provide students the feedback they need to monitor progress in meeting their goals.



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