Achievements and Awards

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Achievements and Awards

Quality=Making a Difference for Students

Rockies was awarded two new certifications in 2015, Program Design and Learner Success.

In 2013 the most outstanding recognition for University of the Rockies was granted by the Quality Matters program.

University of the Rockies is recognized for the research driven approach that has resulted in impressive student success numbers in Quality Matters (QM) recognized courses versus courses that have not yet met QM standards.

Recipient of the 2013 QM Making a Difference for Students Award.

The Role of Quality Matters at University of the Rockies

Since 2009 University of the Rockies subscribes to the Quality Matters (QM) program. QM offers a continuous improvement model for assuring the quality of courses and is recognized nationally for its peer-review, research-based approach, as well its professional development workshops.

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