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Quality Matters

The Quality Matters™ (QM) program is a faculty-centered peer course review quality assurance process for online courses. Within the Quality Matters™ program, courses are reviewed by a team of three peer reviewers using the QM Rubric. The QM Rubric is based in national standards of best practice, the research literature, and sounds instructional design principles. The QM standards involve the evaluation of course overview and introductions, learning outcomes, assessment and measurement, resources and materials, student interaction, course technology, learner support, accessibility, as well as the alignment among these elements within the course. The QM Review allows us to test our own process.

The Syllabi and Curriculum Change Process together with the Quality Matters cycle, the use of embedded rubrics and measurement and analysis of institutional outcome data assures a positive, full student experience from curriculum design to delivery of courses.

Continuous Improvement

We believe in using assessment as a vehicle for educational improvement and as a source of measuring the success of our students over the course of their academic career at University of the Rockies. Assessment helps us iden­tify where and how our programs are succeeding, and where changes need to be made. We also believe in sharing publicly the aggregated results of student assessments in a transparent manner to inform all audiences about the quality of education at University of the Rockies.

HLC Assessment Academy Poster Session

Assessment at University of the Rockies is deeply embedded in the institution and its operations. Each year, members of our staff and faculty attend the HLC Assessment Academy to gain new knowledge and support for our assessment initiatives. The information obtained from these sources is essential for improving the learning opportunities and environments provided by the University. Our goal is to assure healthy institutional growth and substantive student success.

University of the Rockies is committed to fostering student learning which includes assessment across multiple levels. Applying an assessment strategy that is valid, reliable, and supportive of the institutional mission remains a critical goal. This strategy includes clear alignment of institutional, programmatic, and course learning outcomes, as well as accounting for co-curricular activities, and non-academic services. Gathering, organizing, analyzing, documenting, and using these data in a broad range of meaningful ways ensures continuous improvement across the organization.


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