General Psychology Certificate

General Psychology Certificate

General Psychology Certificate

Certification Requirements (15 credits)


PSY 5130 Life Span Development 
This course surveys the major theoretical perspectives on life span development from conception through late adulthood.  Developmental processes related to physical, cognitive, moral, and emotional functions are reviewed as well as societal and cultural aspects of development. 

PSY 5330
- History of Psychology 
This course introduces students to the theoretical systems, methods of inquiry, and terminologies associated with the history of psychology. The course is grounded in a broad historical understanding that builds a framework for understanding the contemporary field of psychology. The focus is on the contributions of religion, philosophy, and biology to the development of psychology as well as on the development of Psychoanalytic, Behaviorist, Cognitive, Humanistic, and Existential theories and their impact on the current practice of psychology.

PSY 6501 Psychology of Personality 
This course explores the major theories of personality including Psychodynamic, Behavioral, Biological, Cognitive, Trait-Factor, and Humanistic/Existential approaches. Students study individual theories and compare and contrast these theoretical positions in terms of current research. In addition, students explore the relevance and application of personality theories to the profession of psychology. 

PSY 5410 - Physiological Bases of Behavior
This course is designed to provide the student with a foundation of human physiology including the nervous, hormonal, reproductive, and sensory systems, and the attendant functions of digestion, sleep, learning and memory, emotion and other human biological functions. The course provides an essential knowledge base for most other offerings in the field of psychology.

PSY 5520 - Cognitive & Affective Bases of Behavior
This course studies the science of the cognitive and affective bases of behavior. The course reviews the contributions of cognitive psychology and also studies the effect of emotion and motivation on behavior. Cognitive psychology emphasizes perception, attention, memory, reasoning, language, imagery, and problem solving. Affective psychology focuses on emotional arousal, motivation, attribution, and mood. Students are thoroughly acquainted with research and research methods in this area and also focus on how this information applies in clinical practice.


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